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Immigration in Canada

If you want to emigrate to Canada, there are several ways to apply. We have to decide together which is ideal migration program for you and your family. It is also important to know that in Canada people who handle immigration cases must be accredited by the Canadian authorities competent in this field.

Skilled labor

  • Program that is aimed at people who meet certain requirements for work experience, education and training, and want to settle and work in Canada (outside of Quebec).


FEDERAL skilled workers

Federal Skilled Worker program has been reviewed and entered into force on 04 May 2013. Eligible Occupations (with corresponding code 2011 National Occupation Classification):
  • 0211 Managers Engineers
  • 1112 Financial analysts and investment
  • 2113 Geologists and oceanographers
  • 2131 Civil engineers
  • 2132 mechanics Engineers
  • 2134 chemical engineer
  • 2143 Mining Engineers
  • 2144 Engineers Geologists
  • 2145 oil engineer
  • 2146 Aerospace engineers
  • 2147 Computer Engineers (except software engineers and designers)
  • 2154 Surveyors
  • 2174 Programmers and developers of media
  • 2243 Technicians of measurement and control
  • 2263 Public Health Inspectors and labor protection
  • 3141 Specialist in audiograms and speech therapists
  • 3142 Physiotherapists
  • 3143 Occupational therapy
  • 3211 Medical Laboratory
  • 3212 Medical Laboratory Technicians and Assistants

Business immigration

  • Program that addresses investors, entrepreneurs and freelancers who want to start a business in Canada (outside of Quebec). People who are considered self: farmers, athletes, artists and collaborators in the cultural field.

Nominees provinciale

  • Some provinces or territories of Canada may nominate individuals to settle and work there ..

Skilled workers and businessmen -Select QUEBEC REGION

  • Government of Quebec may choose people to settle and work in this region for information on business immigration to Quebec, see the Quebec government website.
People who apply for a permanent resident visa must incadreza these professional categories and must have at least one year of experience in one or more specified occupations in government lists.

These occupations are directly related to the country's needs.

  • NOC 0631 Managers and fast food restautant
  • NOC 0811 Managers in the field of natural resources and fisheries (excluding agriculture)
  • NOC 1122 Managers specializing in business consulting (including independent workers)
  • NOC 2121 biologists and scientists in this field
  • NOC 2151 Architects
  • NOC 3111 Medical specialists
  • NOC 3112 General Practitioners and Family Physicians
  • NOC 3113 Dentists
  • NOC 3131 Pharmacists
  • NOC 3142 Physiotherapists
  • NOC 3215 Radiologists
  • NOC 3222 Specialists in Dental Hygiene and Therapy
  • NOC 3233 Certified nurses
  • NOC 4151 Psychologists
  • NOC 4152 Social workers
  • NOC 6241 Chef
  • NOC 6242 Cooks
  • NOC 7215 Carpenters
  • NOC 7216 Mechanics
  • NOC 7241 Electrician
  • NOC 7242 Industrial Electricians
  • NOC 7251 Plumbers
  • NOC 7265 Welders and operators in similar field
  • NOC 7312 Heavy-duty equipment mechanics
  • NOC 7371 Crane Operators
  • NOC 7372 Probe and skilled workers in surface mining, quarrying and building materials
  • NOC 8222 Specialists in oil and gas